I got tired of trying to get the carbs to always run right so I decided to upgreade to EFI. I will never go back and anything in the future will have to have EFI.

During the upgrade there were a lot of parts I needed to make. As far as I know this is the only conversion on a 420 Megablower out there.

Here is the coil mounting plate I drew up in ProE and had laser cut out of stainless. It mounts on back of the head where the MSD ignition box use to be.

Since no one makes adapter plates for this old blower I made my own. Machining injector pockets in spacers.

How it looks on the inside with an injector installed.

How it looks on the outside with an injector installed.

And a good close up.

After the blocks were all machined I made sure everything looked good so far.

Back to making parts. Needed some stand offs to hold the fuel rails.

Injectors sit almost flush in the block.

Looks good on the inside.

Back to adding air temp and spare port into rear block.

On to machining injector pockets into fuel rail.

Fully assembled rear block with air sensor.

Complete fuel injection manifold ready to install.

Installed on engine. Throttle bodys also mounted.

Checking linkage clearance.

Checking air cleaner clearance.

Next up. Machining crank trigger bracket. The one supplied with the wouldn't work on a marine engine the way the accessories are layed out. Here I had to draw it up in ProE to get all the dimensions right in relation to crank center line. Also, since Im not using a CNC but rather manual mill, I didn't want to try and setup up the rotary table to make the radius cut. Instead I checked in ProE the degrees needed to make each cut with an endmill while leaving minimal material. Then I made a spreadsheet with each x-y coordinate needed to make radius.

Finished piece.

With sensor bracket mounted.

Mounted on the engine

Final machining was the o-ring boss in the end of the fuel rails.

Back installed on engine with fuel fittings now.

Fuel pump installed with pre and post filters.

Cam sync distributor installed so I can run full sequential on the injectors.

Checking throttle linkage clears fuel rail.

Coil packs installed on rear of head.

Fuel lines routed and hooked up.

First fire up after everything was installed. Took a little cranking but it nearly purred.