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As you can see my desire to build engines and work on things started early. I was around 18 when I rebuilt the engine in my truck. It developed a rod knock so the fun begin.

This of course was before the internet was really used back in '96. The truck came with a 2.8L engine and I was looking for what to add to up the horsepower. One day browsing the parts trader I found a supercharger designed just for this engine. He was also selling Edelbrock headers, Scheinder cam and a 3.1 block with crank. Well I had to buy it all and started the build. I also installed a Mallory distributor, msd ignition box and holley 2 barrel carb. In order for the carb to work I had to look up who made the supercharger and it ended up being a local guy. I had him machine an adapter plate to convert from factory pattern to holley.

Here are the only pictures I can find. They were taken with a fancy 110 camera. You know, before cell phones existed.